Tips to Beat the Summer Heat and Look Good While Doing It


Summer is full of fun—concerts, festivals, bike rides, pool parties, barbecues, cookouts, and so much more. We're all excited to wear our shorts, maxi dresses, tanks, crops, and even bikinis. But staying cute through the heat can be a job in itself. Sure, summer is easy and breezy, but it can also be greasy (we really wanted greasy to rhyme here, so just pretend that it did). We're here to get real and talk about how to look your best this summer.

1. Water

First things first—hydration. Water has so many benefits that we could write a whole blog on it. Please don't make us do that. Just trust us, you need it for all of the beauty and wellness reasons. Load up your cute glass bottle or buy a fruit infuser bottle if you want a hint of flavor. And take it with you everywhere.


2. Protect your skin

Sunscreen is for cool kids. It helps protect you from sun damage like dark spots, wrinkles, or even cancer. And none of those sound fun to us. The higher the SPF, the longer it protects you. However, the max most sunscreens can work is around an hour to 80 minutes, so keep reapplying. This is especially true if you're in the water. Also, be sure the label says "broad spectrum." This ensures you're covered and protected from all types of rays. There are tons of natural options out there now and although they may be pricier, it's worth not exposing yourself to those harmful chemicals. And when it comes to your face, choose a foundation or moisturizer with built in SPF. 


3. And tan it without damage

Wearing sunscreen and avoiding the rays doesn't mean you have to go tan-free. There are countless sunless tanners on the market today that actually work and last longer than in the past. The key to a really even tan is a mitt and they're pretty affordable. Stop by your favorite beauty store or even check Amazon and invest in a couple so you can rotate them—just be sure to wash them well after each use. Our favorite, new at-home sunless tanner is MineTan. It comes in many shades to match your skintone and works a lot faster than most on the market (even an hour for some formulas). They're trying some new, innovate ways of getting a tan and we're here for it. You can buy it on their website or at Ulta. Be a bronzed beauty without the sun damage. You'll thank us in 15 years.


4. Protect your hair too

From both sun and chlorine if you're hitting the pool often. If you're blonde, you know the struggle is real when it comes to chlorine. Remember when you were 10 and in the pool every day? That funky green-tinged hair isn't so cute as an adult. This isn't just for blondes, by the way. Chlorine can make your hair feel all kinds of stringy and dry. Pick up a clarifying shampoo to help wash away the residue. While you're at the store, look for a UV protectant spray, as well. Just as heat tools can damage your tresses, so can the sun. Not to mention, make color fade. 


5. Prime it

Getting your makeup to last through the day is tricky enough. Add some heat and sweat and you might as well be asking melted butter to stick to a non-stick pan. Eyeshadow primer is a non-negotiable and you can use a primer under your foundation or a setting spray once you've applied your full face. Or, both if you please.


 6. Waterproof Mascara

That's all.


7. Beach-y waves...even if you're not at the beach

There is nothing worse than sweating immediately after the shower, so give the blow dryer a break. Let your hair air dry. If you're a lucky one, this will look great with not much effort. For the rest of us, spritz in an oil- or salt-infused spray for beach waves and texture. 


8. Stain it, don't smudge it

You don't have to compromise a perfectly tinted pout for the hot weather. Either opt for a tinted balm or try out a stain. Lip stains have the lasting power you want and absorb into your lip so they won't smudge or melt. Bonus: some even have a plumping effect.


9. Blot like there's no tomorrow

Even if you're not prone to oily skin, summer can give you a little extra glisten—and not the unicorn highlighter kind. Be sure you're using a water-based moisturizer and work those clay masks when you can. Also, pick up some blotting sheets. These fit nicely in your purse and can be dabbed on your face throughout the day to pull the oil off. Finish with a really light translucent powder.


Did we mention drinking a lot of water? Just do it.