Shannon's Painless Way to a Radiant Smile


HaloSmile Shannon Teeth Sensitivity

How can you whiten highly sensitive teeth? Shannon, a working mom from Ohio, had asked herself that same question for years. Suffering from sensitivity caused by enamel erosion, Shannon found that teeth whitening for sensitive teeth is very limited in both availability and results. Because her sensitivity is more intense, almost like an electrical zap, she undergoes regular treatments from her dentist and uses prescribed toothpaste.

But despite these treatments, Shannon still hasn’t been able to whiten her teeth without experiencing excruciating pain. Even professional whitening treatments done by a dentist resulted in a painful ending. Needless to say, at home whitening strips or trays were out of the question.

Shannon had pretty much given up on all whitening products to avoid feeling such intense pain again. That is, before we introduced her to HaloSmile. Like a makeup for teeth, HaloSmile applies quickly and easily to the surface of teeth, without interfering with or penetrating the tooth’s enamel. It’s a cosmetic application that Shannon describes as a process that’s like painting your nails. “It didn’t hurt, which is huge,” Shannon smiled. She never imagined she’d find a product that not only whitened her teeth naturally, but also didn’t result in pain or discomfort.

HaloSmile’s formula doesn’t smell or taste like anything and lasts all day. Shannon was thrilled that she could see a difference in seconds, then go on with her day without feeling pain or tasting any chemicals or artificial aftertaste. Natural teeth whitening doesn’t have to hurt, and Shannon immediately saw herself using HaloSmile to brighten her smile for events and gatherings where photos would be taken, like reunions or family parties.

HaloSmile Shannon Enamel Erosion

When we asked Shannon how she would describe HaloSmile to a friend, she said she’d urge them to go out and get it. “After years of having sensitive teeth, this is a huge breakthrough,” Shannon exclaimed, excited that at last, there was a whitening product for her. Shannon is eager to start using HaloSmile in her life to help her not only get white teeth, but more feel more confident, too.

If you have sensitive teeth or want to avoid pain altogether, HaloSmile is here to help you gain the smile you’ve always wantednaturally.


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