Hey, Cosmetologists and Aestheticians: Ready to Give Clients Instantly Whiter Smiles?

How many bachelorette parties have you made pretty for their night on the town?

How many wedding parties have you meticulously braided, painted, and made up?

How many date nights have you given that extra va-va-voom?

We're guessing a lot. And hey, we've been those clients.

But what if you could also offer them a smile boost with instantly whiter teeth? Wouldn't that make a bold lip pop even more?

We're bringing HaloSmile to the pros. 

HaloSmile is a new way to get a whiter smile. Our smile cosmetic is a unique formulation that creates a light and tasteless layer over the surface of the teeth—adding a white layer to cover stains rather than removing them with harsh chemicals. And just like makeup, it lasts a day and can be easily reapplied whenever you want.

HaloSmile is usually a consumer-focused, at-home kit containing six single-use applications. But who wouldn't want a pro to give them that whiter smile for their big day/event/night out? That's why we're offering professional kits to you.

In-salon, non-invasive, pain-free teeth whitening treatments with instant results. Need we say more?

We'll provide you with the goods, give you some training, and the rest is up to you!

Interested? Email us at sales@halosmile.co


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