Beauty Tips for a Flawless Wedding Day

omar-lopez-266524-unsplashWedding planning can be stressful. From flowers to food, it's not only expensive, but also time-consuming. And you know what you need after all of that? A well-thought-out beauty plan to keep you looking your best with little stress.

Ok, maybe a little pampering too.


The general bridesbabe rule is to not do any new treatments within a month of your wedding. Which means the most planning is required for getting your skin in tip top, glowing shape before your big day. There are a few treatments that make a big difference in the long-term.


It's not as scary as it sounds. Basically, a wand filled with fine needles over your skin while the needles penetrate down to the dermis. This kickstarts the production of collagen and elastin. The results are smoother, fresher, tighter skin within two weeks and some seriously lasting effects. It can even lessen stretch marks! Often, it's recommended that you do three to five sessions, so you'll want to plan this one out a bit. After the treatment, redness can resolve completely in a day or a week, so it's best to not have this procedure done within a month of your wedding to be safe.


Microdermabrasion is less invasive than microneedling and the effects aren't as dramatic—but it's a happy medium if you're not willing to spend the cash on microneedling. A wand is also used in this treatment, but this time it uses microcrystals to remove the most superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells. It's said to produce a smoother and younger look while reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines, or dull skin. Your skin may be a little red after the treatment, but it usually resolves after a few hours. 

Cortisone Injections for Acne

Ok, stick with us here. This isn't something you do on the reg. This is one of those "it's my big day and I ended up with a mountain of a zit on my chin" remedies. It takes about 12 hours to really work (and by "really" we mean it lessens the inflammation but doesn't completely resolve the blemish. It makes it easier to cover up, essentially.) This should only be done by a dermatologist and it should be done when you first notice the blemish for the best success. There are some minor and uncommon side effects (a temporary dip in your skin at the injection site or hypopigmentation in patients with darker skin), so be sure you consult with your doctor and ask all the important questions first.


The big "B." Listen, it's really, really common. A lot of your friends probably already get Botox but just keep it a secret. It's really effective for minimizing wrinkles and lines in your forehead, crow's feet, and "eleven lines." One of our team members just got Botox for the first time and she explains that the process was really simple, quick, and fairly pain-free. You'll need anywhere from 10-30 units for your forehead, but it's best to have a thorough consultation before you decide. The procedure itself only takes about ten minutes. The most pain you'll feel are small pinches and you'll look like you have small mosquito bites at the injection sites for a bit after. Other than that, the recovery is smooth and you can do this on your lunch break. Results take about two weeks to fully show and although side effects and reactions aren't common, it's best to be safe when planning for your wedding. Injectables are best done about a month before your big day.

Oh, and if you're looking to remove marionette lines, that's more of a job for fillers. Talk to your service provider about this.

Good Ol' H20

You hear it all the time and you probably roll your eyes but drinking adequate amounts of water is so important! Not only does it help you maintain or lose weight, keep your immune system in check, and make you feel better all around—it also keeps your skin looking fresh, young, and clear. So, be that girl—carry around a cute water bottle everywhere you go and get your hydration on.


Bronzed Babe-in'

We know most brides are into having a beautiful bronze glow on their wedding day. But we're cautioning you to not go overboard. You want to look like you on your big day and you certainly don't want to look orange! 

Research and prep are the key to a nice, even glow on your big day. Put your amateur detective skills to work and research every airbrush tanning salon in your area. Read the reviews. Look at the photos. And when you find a couple you like, cough up the dough to get a tan from each far in advance of your wedding. Once you've decided on the most natural, even-looking tan book your appointment for a day or two before your wedding day. Be sure to exfoliate well before your tan and follow every, single instruction they give you to prolong it.

And please, please don't try to do it yourself. There are times for saving money and maintaining a good enough tan and there are times when you need a flawless look. This is the flawless moment, don't be frugal.



We won't go overboard on how to style your hair here, but  we do have a few tips to remember that are minor and imperative to long-lasting, beautiful tresses!

Don't wash your hair the day of your wedding. If your hair is too clean, it's really hard to work with and the style doesn't stay. Trust us on this one.

Get friendly with dry shampoo. Pack yourself a mini can of dry shampoo (and hairspray) in your bag. If your hair is getting greasy or stringy, give it a spritz. Not only will this dry up the grease, but it will add texture. And girl, use that hairspray on your fly aways.

Timing-wise? Follow that research and trial process you used for your tan. Find a few you really like and have trials done. Make sure you get it done in the morning and go about a normal day to see how it lasts. Maybe even put it through a mini workout to see if it will last through your night of dancing. 



Listen closely: your wedding is not a costume party. You need to look like the best version of you. Shoot for natural+. These photos last forever so you don't want to look back and think about how you insisted on that trendy, heavy winged liner. Or how you just had to have that statement eyeshadow (remember when blue eyeshadow was a thing?) And by the way, your partner loves you for you. How many times have they told you, "you look beautiful without makeup—you don't need all that." You want them to be wowed by how stunning you look. YOU— not some crazy version of you. Same process here as hair and tan.


And make sure you use a setting spray on top of your makeup! While you're at it, pack your lipstick, a little coverup, and some powder in your bag. 


Remember, this day is for you and your partner.

Stop worrying about what everyone is going to think or how they're going to perceive your day. No one is going to remember what table coverings you chose. They're not going to remember what song you chose to walk down the aisle to. Only you and your partner will remember the details, so do what really makes you happy.


PS: a bright smile is always in style

You know we had to shamelessly plug ourselves, right? HaloSmile is perfect for the day of your wedding. After your hair, makeup, and beauty routine (but before lipstick) is the best time to apply your instantly whiter smile. Just like the other beauty treatments, be sure to prepare ahead of time. Practice makes perfect, so don't wait until the big day to try HaloSmile for the first time. You want to perfect your technique ahead of time.