At Home Teeth Whitening for a Mom on the Go, Julie

Meet Julie, a busy mother from Ohio, who struggles with sensitive teeth and enamel erosion. She takes oral care very seriously, both with herself and her kids. But because she’s brushed so much, most of the enamel on her teeth has worn away, leaving them looking translucent. Julie hates that she can’t restore her smile to what it used to be, especially since whitening products use chemicals like bleach and peroxide, which hurt her teeth. She felt like she was all out of options for her teeth.


When we first introduced Julie to HaloSmile, she was a little skeptical. Teeth whitening is so often thought of as a chemical process. But we quickly explained that HaloSmile does not change the natural state of your teeth or damage enamel. It’s kind of like makeup for your teeth and stays on the surface, instead of penetrating into your teeth. Intrigued, Julie was eager to see how HaloSmile would look once applied.

After putting HaloSmile on Julie’s teeth, she was wowed. “The results are instant,” she said, amazed that in just a few moments, she no longer had translucent teeth and her teeth looked visibly whiter. The process is simple; apply HaloSmile on your teeth in the morning and have white teeth throughout your day. Julie was pleased to find the formula didn’t taste or feel like she was wearing anything at all.

Julie Before and After.png

“It makes me want to smile more,” Julie said. And even though her schedule can be pretty hectic, once Julie got the hang of applying HaloSmile, she saw that it was something she could easily work into her daily routine. She puts on makeup everyday, so why not HaloSmile, too?

natural whiteningShe gave us a big smile, “I don’t have to feel self conscious about the see-through anymore.” In just a few moments, Julie’s smile and confidence grew two sizes.

HaloSmile gave Julie what she and so many others struggle to find: a way to whiten teeth naturally at home, without damaging your teeth or enamel. Whitening doesn’t have to use chemicals in order to achieve results. Julie will definitely be smiling more. And with HaloSmile, so will you!

To hear more of Julie's story, you can watch her video here.


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